Google releases new version of Chrome to overcome the drawbacks caused by the extensions and background apps. Google Chrome is one of the most used web browser. However, it can slow down at times as it uses a large part of the memory of your browsing device. Chrome used to drain the power of your laptop easily. In the latest Chrome update, Google has tried to fix these problems. The latest Chrome comes with many improvements so that browsing requires less power and memory.

To free the memory, the new Chrome will clean up any old and unused data in the memory. Though Chrome was doing garbage removal even in earlier versions, however in the new version the process will start only after all the web pages get loaded and your computer is idle. Earlier Chrome used to perform the task of garbage collection in the middle of viewing a video or animation. This caused the animation to stop for a second. It is expected that the memory usage of the browser will reduce by 10-45% of this improved feature. This feature will have more effect when you are using complex apps.

Latest Google Chrome Offers Faster And Better Performance

Another improvement is in the option “continue where you left off”. This feature allowed the browser users to restore the tabs when the Chrome was re-launched. New Chrome will restore the tabs in a smarter and efficient way. The most recently viewed tabs will get restored faster and the least recently viewed will be restored slowly. If Chrome detects that computer is running with low resources, it will stop restoring the unimportant tabs so that your memory will be saved. You can always restore them by clicking on the tab if you need them.

You can also reduce the battery consumption by your Smartphone or laptop by using the new version Chrome. Chrome will automatically pause the flash animations that are not vital for the operation of the website. This will help to save at least 15% of the battery life under lab conditions. However, the actual saving of power will depend on different factors such as the operating system used by the device, the amount of flash content in the website etc.

Though Chrome updates are not big news anymore with new versions of Chrome being launched at least in every six weeks, this latest update will draw the attention of the customers as it is full of great features and news that will make web browsing more convenient for them. So, start using Chrome 45 and enjoy faster and better browsing.