The actor Liam Neeson has lost about sixty pounds and has an unhealthy look about him, a gaunt figure that has got the fans worried about his health. The headlines scream that the changes are for a movie role which is hard to digest.

As per Liam’s representative, he is quite well and not ill from the weight loss. The massive weight loss is an effort to get into a character that Liam is playing for the movie Silence. The actor in his sixties, is getting into shape for the role but this time he might have taken it a bit too far as far as his diet is concerned. Sources reveal that Neeson is healthy and looking around for work. He went on a changing diet in order to get rid of the beer belly he had developed. The diet, it seems, had a harsher impact on him.

Liam Neeson And His Shocking Weight Loss

It is known that star actors do take on extreme measures to get into shape, whether it involves taking on a gaunt look or putting on more weight and muscles. Liam Neeson’s current health condition definitely shows that he has taken the gaunt look too far, to the point of looking sick. His representatives are quick to confirm that he is in the pink of health even though he has lost a lot of weight, around sixty pounds.

The change in his look has brought about a dramatic makeover from the tough image he projected in Taken series. Those who have loved his tough look are disturbed by the gaunt, sickly look that he has obtained for the new role in Silence. He was snapped a few weeks ago as he wore baggy clothes and headed towards an eatery called the Atlantic Grill. The image makes the sixty three year old look ghostly. The representative stated that the pic was unflattering and taken at an angle that brought out the worst of his looks.

Liam has been working out more and eating less, consuming mostly black coffee which can be attributed to his weight loss and gaunt look. He is about to embark on a trip to Korea where he would be taking part in a film production. Sources said that he is aggressively signing on with new movies and there is no sign of the actor slowing down from taking up big roles in movie assignments as would be expected of his age.