The pop star claimed that she had been “slipped a mickey” at the wedding that she was attending, that of model Lana Zakocela and Justin Etzin who is the consul general and tourism ambassador for Seychelles. The event took place in Florence last week.

As per sources, Lindsay left from the reception at an early time. After she had gone back to her villa she was running around naked and claiming that she was drugged. In general, things remained eventful at the wedding due to Lindsay’s presence at the wedding that was designed to be held in a grand manner and was an event spanning four days. Micah Jesse, Edward Spencer-Churchill, Sara Sampaio and Ellen von Unwerth were the guests at the wedding.

Lindsay Lohan Runs Around Naked In Her Friend’s Wedding, Says She Was Drugged

Many found Lindsay painting her nails during the ceremony as well as looking at her phone. She also DJed one event which had the theme “Eyes Wide Shut” and at the event she got upset when someone took her picture. She also spoke in a British accent and kept asking as to who took the photo. She also played The Boy is Mine by Brandy repeatedly.

Lohan also claimed to have had her jewelry stolen during the nuptials. However, when the representatives at the wedding were approached regarding the claims made by Lohan, they stated that she had made it all up. What people are talking about most is the scene that Lohan created at the wedding by running around stark naked. After the wedding was over, she was found running around stark naked around the villa. Lindsay Lohan, who is 29 years of age, was found to be painting her nails and being on the phone during the ceremony. When a guest made fun of her behavior about it after the ceremony, Lindsay got angry and got naked. She also shouted that she had been drugged and for that reason she was displaying this kind of behavior. However, witnesses say that she was walking and talking normally and not slurred. She definitely made a lot of drama at the wedding and how her friend, Justin Etzin takes it is everybody’s guess. It was after all a high profile wedding for the Seychelles ambassador who got married to a model. However, the talking point is not the wedding venue, the ceremony or the décor but the antics of one guest. This might not bore too well for Lindsay’s career, which has stymied as it is and her whacky behavior might not make things better.