LinkedIn Corporation has renewed its messaging service that is on the lines of the modern day chat apps. It was long due. This is a great step forward taken by LinkedIn Corporation, a social media networking site that is very useful for people in professional occupations. The unpopular email style chat interface has now given way to the chat app like messaging service.

If you have a LinkedIn profile and never use the messaging service on offer from LinkedIn because it is not like other chat apps, will find the revamped messaging service to be very attractive with options of adding stickers and GIFs now added to the messaging service.

The new chat like messaging interface for LinkedIn users will be rolled out by the company today. Now, LinkedIn will feature some of the most popular and most used messaging app components on the LinkedIn messaging service. The new interface looks clean and can be accessed both on the desktop as well as on mobile. You have the option to easily attach photos, GIFs, documents and emojis now.

LinkedIn Offers Modern Chat Apps Type Messaging Service

With the new messaging interface, LinkedIn users can now add a little bit of personality to their chats. The LinkedIn messaging service is more or less similar to many of the modern day popular messaging apps that you use today like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp messenger. The new messaging service can be accessed by English language LinkedIn members at the moment through the desktop version or through the mobile app.

A new chat style interface will allow you to quickly carry out back and forth messaging on LinkedIn. All messages of the people that matter to you will be organized as threads so that you can easily recall the last conversation with the person. Also, with push and email notifications, you will be able to quickly access the most important conversations. All English speaking members will be able to access new messaging service on Android, iOS and desktops.

LinkedIn is the biggest and the most popular social networking site that professionals use and with options to attach documents and photos, professionals will be able to not depend on other messaging sites to communicate with other LinkedIn professional friends.

There are also plans for LinkedIn to open the new messaging service to professionals communicating in other languages other than English. The company has also hinted that there are lots more features that would be coming up on the revamped messaging service. The LinkedIn team is looking to soon roll out audio and video chat options through their revamped messaging service to give other popular messaging sites a tough competition.