PupsA live Sea World Show in Orlando Florida was temporarily halted as a call for help came out from California where literally hundreds of sea lion pups had washed ashore. Malnourished, without assistance, most, if not all, of the pups would have died. With so many trainers, rescuers, and other individuals showing up to help is a unique show of compassion.

Chris Bellows, vice president of zoological operations for Sea World San Antonio said when the pups were discovered, they were all horribly underweight and dehydrated. In order to feed but also perform various medical procedures, a tremendous amount of help was needed, which is why the call went out for reinforcement.

Although there are many challenges ahead, without the assistance the pups would have no hope of surviving. Already this year, more than 400 sea lions have been saved by Sea World San Diego. Compared to the average number of rescues this particular park is involved with, this is double the number.

Water temperature changes are being hailed as the reason the pups in California washed ashore. As explained by researchers, as water becomes warmer, fish will go to cooler areas. With this, seal pup mothers venture away and spend long periods of time searching for food. During their absence, the pups are not fed, which leads to the problem of being malnourished.

Until the problem has been resolved, trainers will continuously go to California to help. Throughout the process, the pups will be fed and medically cared for but after recovering, they will return to the ocean, which is their natural habitat.

For many years, Sea World has been the target of animal rights activists who are angry that animals are kept in captivity and used in shows for the sake of human entertainment. However, this rescue event is just one example of the many things the Sea World organization does to protect and save animals in the wild.

As stated by a spokesperson for Sea World, the ultimate goal is to bring awareness to the plight of the California sea lion pups by getting news out to people not only in the United States but other countries as well.

Sea World hopes that this will be a good year for sea lions, meaning they will remain healthy and strong but when problems do arise, the organization is 100% dedicated to doing everything it can to not just rescue but actually rehabilitate the animals and then return them to their home in the ocean.