The Indian origin student, Sanmay Ved, who had the luck of owning the domain name for a minute was handed prize money from the Google technicians for finding out the error in Google’s system. It looks like the man is content to be known as the man to buy Google and has donated the money that he had received from Google to charity.

The search engine giant, Google, was impressed with the gesture of the American student that he was handed over double the prize money that he had earlier received. Ved said in a post on the LinkedIn site that he was looking for web domains that were Google related for some time as he has had the opportunity to work with the Google company.

Man Who Bought Google Domain For Few Minutes Handed Prize Money To Charity

There was an administrative oversight that gave Ved the chance to find that the domain is up for sale on September 29th. Without any hesitation Ved immediately made the purchase by paying $12 for the domain through his credit card. He made the purchase in the early hours of September 29 when he was browsing on the Google website buying service.

As soon as he made the purchase, he received emails from Google web administration team saying that he was the owner of the domain name. But, is joy was short lived as Google found out the big mistake that had taken place. They quickly sent him a cancellation email message saying that is already registered in somebody else’s name and also quickly refunded his $12 payment he made.

Ved said that he was not after money and did not care for it. He wanted to set an example that people are ready to find the bugs and they always are not after money. Sanmay was hesitant to let know exactly the amount that was given to him by Google for pointing out a lapse on the part of the Google web administration team. He said that the amount given was more than 10,000.

If this is the case, then there is no doubt that Google has given him a very good sum for pointing out their mistake. The fact that he wanted to hand over the money to charity speaks volumes about the man. Google was also moved by this gesture from Ved. After finding the intention of the American MBA college student, Google doubled the rewards and the man donated all the money to his favorite charity.