Acute Market Reports announces that it has a new study on Manual Wheelchair Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012-2018. The 2012 study has 365 pages, 110 tables and figures.

Reimbursement drives manual wheelchair markets. People pay for medical insurance and medical insurance pays for wheelchairs. The government provides people over age 65 with medical insurance in the US. New initiatives provide for universal healthcare coverage. In many parts of the developed world, there is complete medical coverage provided by the government, though working people tend to supplement government coverage with medical insurance.

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As the population ages, people are more frail and need assistance for mobility. Hospital and homecare wheelchair technology is evolving to give people with disabilities more mobility. Mobility depends on a wheelchair that is fit to purpose. Are people going to move themselves? Are they going to be pushed around? Is the wheelchair used for sports? Many issues impact the choice of a wheelchair, including cost and reimbursement availability.

Markets are poised to create the ability for people to get more exercise and impact the healthcare delivery industry by encouraging mobility of people who were previously bed ridden. Wheelchairs impact care delivery, permitting the patient to control mobility for the rehabilitation efforts. Lightweight wheel chairs give patients the ability to control movement. Transport wheelchairs are used for moving patients from the bed to another place. Patients and family gain more control over the care delivery with the availability of transport wheelchairs. Care can be delivered in familiar settings

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Manual Wheelchair Market Driving Forces
Wheelchair Market Shares
Standard Wheelchair Market Forecasts

    1.1 Health Care Cost Containment Trends
    1.1.1 Reimbursement Trends
    1.1.2 US Health Expenditures Inflated By For-Profit Basic Insurance Entities
    1.1.3 Chronic Illness
    1.1.4 Home Health Care And Home Medical Equipment
    1.1.5 Changing Home Health Care Market Distribution Channels
    1.1.6 Mainstreaming Of People With Disabilities
    1.1.7 Recovery And Active Lifestyles Of Disabled Portion of the Population
    1.1.8 Healthcare Equipment Industry Changes
    1.1.9 Reimbursement Drives Healthcare Equipment Industry
    1.1.10 Prospective Payment System (PPS)
    1.1.11 Hospital / Home Services Billing Issues
    1.1.12 Managed Care Requirements
    1.2 Market Drivers For Healthcare Cost Containment
    1.2.1 Managed Care Organization Impact
    1.2.2 Reasons Home Health Care Has Gained Wide-Spread Acceptance
    1.2.3 Managed Care Change In The Healthcare Industry
    1.2.4 Homecare For People With Long Term Disabilities
    1.3 Market-Driven Reforms
    1.3.1 Home Medical Equipment Industry Segments
    1.3.2 Marketing Locally
    1.3.3 U.S. Healthcare Delivery Industry
    1.3.4 Competition Forms Basis Of U.S. Medical Care Services Delivery
    1.3.5 European Homecare Market Trends
    1.4 Wheel Chair Distribution Channels
    1.5 Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Characteristics
    2.1 Manual Wheelchair Market Driving Forces
    2.2 Wheelchair Market Shares
    2.2.1 Invacare Positioning
    2.2.2 Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight Custom Wheelchair Market Shares
    2.2.3 Invacare® Top End® Crossfire
    2.2.4 Sunrise Medical Positioning
    2.2.5 Sunrise Medical Quickie® Q7™ Ultra Lightweight Aluminum and ShapeLoc Technology Chair
    2.2.6 Sunrise Medical Quickie GTi® –
    2.2.7 Low Active Transport Manual Wheelchair Markets
    2.2.8 Active Sports Manual Wheelchair Markets
    2.2.9 Sports Manual Wheelchairs Market Shares
    2.2.10 Active Light Weight Custom Manual Wheelchair Markets
    2.2.11 Active Ultra Light Weight Manual Wheelchair Markets
    2.2.12 TiLite
    2.2.13 Primary Diagnoses of Lightweight and Ultra lightweight Wheelchairs
    2.2.14 Colours
    2.2.15 Otto Bock HealthCare
    2.3 Manual Wheelchair Segment Analysis
    2.4 Seating And Positioning Market Shares
    2.4.1 Sunrise Jay Cushions
    2.4.2 Invacare Seating and Positioning
    2.4.3 Sunrise Medical Positioning
    2.4.4 Aquila Corporation Seat Cushion Systems
    2.4.5 EASE Seating System
    2.4.6 Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight Custom Wheelchair Market Shares
    2.4.7 Invacare® Top End® Crossfire
    2.4.8 Sunrise Medical Quickie GTi® –
    2.4.9 Sunrise Medical Quickie® Q7™ Ultra Lightweight Aluminum and ShapeLoc Technology Chair
    2.4.10 Custom Folding Wheelchair Shipments, Market Shares
    2.5 Standard Wheelchair Market Forecasts
    2.5.1 Transport Manual Wheelchair Market Forecasts
    2.5.2 Sports Racing and Custom Wheelchair Forecasts
    2.5.3 Sports and Racing Wheelchair Market Forecasts
    2.5.4 Customized Lightweight Wheelchairs
    2.5.5 Customized Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs
    2.5.6 Handcycles
    2.5.7 Invacare Top End® Force™ Handcycle
    2.5.1 Folding Wheelchair Market Forecasts
    2.5.2 Wheelchair Lift Device Markets
    2.6 Custom Power and Manual Wheelchair Seating Market
    2.7 Number of People in Wheelchairs
    2.7.1 Wheelchair Reimbursement
    2.7.2 CMS Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
    2.8 Manual Wheelchair Installed Base Market Segments, By Diagnosis, Units
    2.8.1 Spina Bifida
    2.8.2 Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
    2.8.3 Congestive Heart Failure (CHF).
    2.8.4 Statistics Relating To Difficulty Performing One Or More Basic Physical Activities
    2.8.5 Disabilities Numbers and Discussion
    2.8.6 Stroke Statistics
    2.9 Manual Wheelchair Regional Market Segments
    2.9.1 Invacare Geographically Diverse
    2.9.2 Wheelchairs in Africa

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    3.1 Invacare Manual Wheelchairs
    3.1.1 Invacare Top End Transformer Sports Wheelchair
    3.1.2 Invacare Model: TR18 Top End Crossfire T7A
    3.1.3 Invacare Lightweight
    3.1.4 Invacare Model: F1100
    3.1.5 Invacare Patriot Wheelchair
    3.1.6 Invacare Tracer SX5 Quick Ship
    3.1.7 Invacare 9000 SL Custom
    3.1.8 Invacare Patriot
    3.1.9 Invacare Tracer SX5 Custom
    3.1.10 Invacare Tracer SX5 Custom
    3.1.11 Invacare A-4 Titanium Adjustable
    3.1.12 Invacare Deluxe Lightweight
    3.1.13 Invacare ProSPIN X4
    3.1.14 Invacare Terminator
    3.1.15 Invacare Xtra Custom Manual Wheelchair
    3.1.16 Invacare Top End Excelerator Handcycle
    3.1.17 Invacare Top End Crossfire All Terrain Wheelchair
    3.1.18 Invacare Top End Crossfire T6
    3.1.19 asketball Wheelchairs Top End Schulte 7000 Series BB
    3.1.20 Invacare Top End High Performance Everyday Wheelchairs
    3.1.21 Invacare Top End Reveal
    3.1.22 Invacare Top End® Force R Handcycle
    3.1.23 Invacare A-4 Titanium Adjustable
    3.1.24 Invacare Model: Shockblade Tracer SX5RC
    3.1.25 Invacare Model: TRSX5RC Top End Terminator Titanium
    3.1.26 Invacare Model: TEDTI ProSPIN X4
    3.1.27 Invacare Model: PROX4S Top End Crossfire All Terrain
    3.1.28 Invacare Light Weight Tracer EX2 Wheelchair 20″ with Swingaway Footrest-Blue (Folding, Assembled)
    3.2 Sunrise / Quickie
    3.2.1 Sunrise / Quickie LXI Custom
    3.2.2 Sunrise / Quickie
    3.2.3 Sunrise / Quickie Breezy Ultra 4 Custom
    3.2.4 Sunrise / Quickie Breezy EC4000
    3.2.5 Sunrise / Quickie Breezy EC 3000
    3.2.6 Sunrise / Quickie Breezy 600 Custom
    3.2.7 Sunrise / Quickie Breezy Ultra 4 Quick-Ship
    3.2.8 Sunrise / Quickie GT
    3.3 TiLite Manual Wheelchairs
    3.3.1 TiLite Aero R
    3.3.2 TiLite Aero X
    3.3.3 TiLite Aero X Swing Away
    3.3.4 TiLite Aero X Swing Away
    3.3.5 TiLite AEROZ Aero Z Series 1
    3.3.6 TiLite Aero Z Series 2
    3.3.7 TiLite ZRa Series 2
    3.3.8 TiLite 2GX
    3.3.9 TiLite 2GX
    3.3.10 TiLite X
    3.3.11 TiLite SX
    3.3.12 TiLite SX
    3.3.13 TiLite X
    3.3.14 TiLite ZR (Series 1)
    3.3.15 TiLite ZR (Series 2) New Series 2
    3.3.16 TiLite YR
    3.3.17 TiLite Tr
    3.3.18 TiLite TX
    3.3.19 TiLite 2GX
    3.3.20 TiLite Cross Sport BB
    3.3.21 TiLite ZRa Series 2
    3.3.22 TiLite ZR (Series 1)
    3.3.23 TiLite ZRa Series 2
    3.3.24 TiLite ZR (Series 2)
    3.3.25 TiLite Model: CRFAT Aero Z Series 2
    3.4 Drive Medical
    3.4.1 Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair
    3.4.2 Drive Medical
    3.4.3 Drive Medical Lightweight Transport Chair
    3.4.4 Drive Medical SuperLight With Carry Bag
    3.4.5 Drive Medical Expedition
    3.4.6 Drive Medical Fly-Lite
    3.4.7 Drive Medical Duet Transport Chair and Rollator
    3.4.8 Drive Medical Cruiser III
    3.4.9 Drive Medical Viper Plus GT
    3.4.10 Drive Medcal Model: PLA4
    3.4.11 Drive Steel Transport Chair
    3.4.12 Drive Medical Model: A2FS2 Viper Plus Full Reclining
    3.4.13 Drive Medical Model: PL4 Poly-Fly
    3.4.14 Drive Medical FW19BL Fly-Weight Transport Chair
    3.4.15 Drive Medical DFL19-BLK Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair
    3.4.16 Drive Medical DFL19-BLK Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair
    3.5 Nissin Wheelchairs Pigleo-T Stroller


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