Columbus companies have organized a career fair this weekend in Ohio, where people will get a glimpse of the marijuana industry and how it can influence career in the state through associated job openings. The talks about pot were rife at the career fair that was held in Worthington. The organizers at the Cannabazaar and Career Fair stated that the focus of the fair was an education about marijuana as this issue will also appear at the elections in November.

Among the participants, Kevin Spitler, who owns the Toledo Hemp Center had set up a table at the venue. He was there at the fair to sell his hemp products. There were about a dozen tables that were set up at the fair that was organized at the Double Tree Hotel.

Marijuana Education At Career Fair And Cannabazaar

The industry surrounding cannabis and its culture and usage is a growing industry and business entrepreneurs are seeing a lot of opportunity in this segment. The fair had hemp companies and marijuana companies, manufacturers and suppliers coming from all over to educate the Ohians about the business of pot. Many enterprises stated that Ohio was one of the several stops planned among the several events they had planned at the different states. Columbus offers a key feature for these businesses. The ballot issue coming up in November is targeted and education needs to be provided to the people to understand the market and the industries that are involved.

The point being talked about is legalization of marijuana in the state of Ohio, which will be put to vote in the month of November. The group called Responsible Ohio has been collecting signatures across the state in favor of legalization of marijuana. The issue would allow adults above 21 to purchase pot as well as for medicinal use for kids who can purchase the same with parental consent and doctor’s prescription.

The marijuana that is put to commercial use can be grown in ten sites that are owned by different investors. This is akin to ten breweries that brew different kinds of alcohol. The vendors that participated in the fair were there to support the legalization cause. Similar to microbreweries being able to sell in the state and stimulate the economy, the same is the case with marijuana. However, the Responsible Ohio group is asking the Supreme Court to make an amendment in the wording which will appear on the ballot. It needs to be rephrased from pot being sold to technical terms that will not allow people to become biased.