The cars from the stable of popular German automaker Mercedes Benz are known for its greater levels of performance in the market all over the globe. If any of you felt that the horsepower offered in the Mercedes Benz is not enough, then you will be happy to know that Brabus has increased the power of the engine under the hood of the Mercedes Benz AMG GT S t5o give it an awesome power of 591 HP.

Brabus is a popular engine tuner who works closely with Mercedes Benz to add extra horsepower to their popular cars. The company helps in taking the Mercedes Benz car’s performance a notch up to give greater levels of performance than what the Benz factory wanted to achieve. Brabus had earlier returned the Mercedes Benz AMG C63 S to offer added horsepower to its engine. Now, it is working on the Mercedes AMG GT S’s 4.0 liter, twin turbocharged engine to boost its existing engine horsepower of 503 HP to 591 HP. The torque has also got a boost from 479 pound-feet to 553 pound-feet.

Mercedes Benz AMG GT S Power Kicked Up To 591 HP

With the new added power and torque, the Mercedes Benz AMG GT S will now sprint from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.6 seconds. The top speed of the Mercedes Benz car will now be 201 mph. Brabus also claims that it has retuned the engine of the Mercedes Benz AMG GT S within the European emission regulations.

Brabus also has installed the titanium quad exhaust in the Mercedes AMG GT S to help the drivers enjoy maximum performance. The car will be now 40% lighter than what it used to be. The new quad exhaust is offered with a ‘coming home’ button that will help in reducing the exhaust volume of the car so that it does not cause any problems and annoyance to your neighbors.

The other enhancements that you will come across on the Benz AMG GT S are the splitter and LED daytime running lights on the front fascia. You will also get a new diffuser and a rear spoiler on this vehicle. The Brabus designed wheels of 20 inches a in the front and 21 inches at the back adds to the look of the luxury car.

The standard price of the Mercedes Benz AMG GT S is $129,925 in the U.S. The price for the Brabus updated version is not yet announced.