Mercedes is looking to give Tesla a very strong fight in the electric vehicle segment. Mercedes wants to take this fight on to the streets and has decided to come up with an electric vehicle that can clock 311 mile range. This is great news for every luxury car buyer who wants to have a lot of competition in the electric vehicle luxury segment. The competition among the luxury car manufacturers to bring out an electric vehicle that can supersede their competitor’s model will give the consumer more options to choose from. Also, the electric vehicle will be offered at competitive prices.

Mercedes has announced that it has plans to bring out an electric vehicle to give a Tesla range of EVs a good run for their money in the American car market. It is just not the range that Mercedes will offer as far as the electric vehicle is concerned, but the company is looking at a modular type of EV platform that can accommodate multiple vehicles.

Mercedes Benz Looking To Beat Tesla With A 311 Mile Range

Mercedes has said that the company is working out on making it feasible to bring out an electric vehicle that will be offering a range of 228 to 311 mile range. This is an impressive range that is not touched by any of the luxury electric vehicle manufacturers. To top this, Mercedes is also looking to bring out multiple vehicles in this category on its modular platform. Mercedes also added that the vehicle will be coming soon.

Mercedes is very serious about expanding the electric vehicle car range and to give Tesla cars a good run for their money in the American market. The German luxury giant is continuing to invest more and more money on the hydrogen fuel cells and the electric vehicle segment as it believes that this is the future for the auto industry. Bringing out lower emission vehicles is the goal of every car manufacturer now and Daimler has already put in $64 billion on research and design to bring out low emission vehicles into the market.

The electric car with a 311 mile range is really an impressive one and if Mercedes is able to pull out what it is planning, then it would seriously give a real tough fight to the Tesla Model S “ludicrous” and “Insane” driving modes. There is no concrete evidence to show that the new EV from Mercedes will be built in-house or some inputs from Tesla Motors might be included.

Mercedes is getting ready to come out with a hydrogen powered car in 2017 and will also be launching many plugs in hybrid models in the coming years.