The popular luxury car manufacturer Mercedes Benz is going to include a fourth convertible in its North America car lineup and this will be the S-class Cabrio car. The car will be first showcased to the general public during the 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show in September. The leading German luxury automaker has great expectation from this new S-class convertible and hopes that it will perform very well in the American markets.

This Mercedes S550 cabriolet will be coming to the dealerships in North America during the next spring. It will join the other three S class variants that are on sale now. The S-class cabriolet convertible is the first of its kind convertible to be released by Mercedes Benz since 1971. This is the first top open four seats convertible to enter the market after a gap of 45 years. Hence, Mercedes Benz car loyalists are patiently waiting to see what this convertible has to offer them.

The new S550 car’s images have been released by Mercedes Benz just ahead of the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show to raise curiosity among Mercedes lovers. The front end of the car is dominated by the black radiator grille. The two huge intakes in the bumper also add appeal to the front of the convertible. The LED headlamps come with optional daytime running lights and Swarovski crystal indicators.

Mercedes S-Class Cabrio To Be Revealed In Frankfurt Motor Show

The multilayer top of the car can be easily lowered and converted into a top open car in less than 20 seconds when the car moves at 37 mph. The keys can be used to raise or lower the top that is offered in beige, black, dark blue and dark red colors. The convertible gets a coupe like feeling with the top up and you can enjoy great quietness inside the car, thanks to its elegant upholstery matt finish, and double glazed glass and multilayer construction.

The S550 cabriolet comes in two versions: the standard one powered by a 4.6 liter V-8 rated engine with 9 speed automatic transmission and 449 hp. The high performing Mercedes AMG S63 variation comes with 5.5 liter turbo powered V8 engine that is coupled with 7 speed transmission. The car can cover a distance of 0 to 60 miles in just 3.9 seconds and it has a maximum speed of186 mph.

Both the standard and the premium versions of S550 convertible come with all the standard Mercedes Benz safety features. The prices for both the models have not been announced as of yet, but it will be far more expensive than the four S500 sedans on sale now.