The spotlight is on Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor along with Juergen Opitz, the Heidenau major along with the prime minister of Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich who is going to deal with the sudden flood of immigrants who are coming to seek asylum. The authorities arrived for issuing a statement after they visited an accommodation provided for asylum seekers in a facility located at the eastern end of the German town, Heidenau. Located near Dresden, the border places are seeing a large volume of asylum seekers who are looking to run away from the political uncertainties in Syria, Iraq and similar territories.

Protestors who are against the allowing of asylum seekers into the town shouted out against the Chancellor and even waved placards to point her out as a traitor. The eastern German town that is seeing an influx of asylum seekers is erupting in violence as anti refugee protests are ripe in the region. Merkel is regarded as one of the most popular chancellors in the post war era. She stated that Germany will not stand up for xenophobia and the weekend scuffles that occurred were described by her as repulsive and shameful where over thirty police officers were hurt.

Merkel Finding Ways To Deal With Refugee Flood Into Germany

Markel stated to the press that people had to show tolerance and respect human life and intolerance or disturbance at a time when asylum seekers needed human help and legal assistance is shameful. She urged the local people of Germany to stand by this principle and to make it clear to others.

The current situation in Europe is similar along many border towns where a large influx of asylum seekers is forcing the lawmakers to address the laws by providing asylum. Currently the conflicts that are arising in countries like Iraq and Syria are forcing people to flee and hence, the European Union is having to cope with a flood of immigrants. Germany’s asylum laws are more or less liberal and hence, it will probably receive the largest number of asylum seekers, around 800,000 people, which would account for one percent of the total existing population.

However, things need to be stabilized internally as locals are attacking the asylum shelters and arsonists are trying to set fire to the shelters. Politicians are currently trying to contain the situation. The migrants who are staying at the accommodation facility at Heidenau are being asked to move to western Germany towns where life might be easier for them. Merkel is definitely trying to ease the situation with a firm hand and by passing a clear message for a human treatment of the asylum seekers.