Microsoft launched the Zune service in order to give Apple’s iPod a tough fight in the market. But, the service did not bring in the results expected by Microsoft and failed to pick up pace in the market. Finally, Microsoft has decided that enough is enough and will be withdrawing its less popular Zune music service from November 15. The music streaming and download service platform will close once for all on November 15.

All the paying subscribers will become Groove subscribers from November 15. The shutting down of the Zune Music Service will kick-start Microsoft’s plan to revamp its streaming platforms. It has gotten into a mess and Microsoft is looking to sort things out as soon as possible. Some year ago, Microsoft closed the online presence of Zune and redirected all the people to join Xbox Music. They were still encouraging people to hold on to the tracks purchased from Zune and also to buy Zune devices. The Xbox Music has now changed its name to Groove Music in order to stay clear of the Xbox game brand.

Microsoft To Stop Zune Music Service From November

The Microsoft loyalists who have been paying money to enjoy music will now be forced to shift to another music platform for the third time. People who are interested in trying out the approach that Microsoft has towards music will not be getting any free tier from Groove Music like they did when the Zune was available. The unlimited streaming of music offered by Groove Music comes at a price of $9 a month and $99 a year.

The shutdown of Zune Music Service is a proof that the software giant company Microsoft has not had a good outing when it comes to the streaming world. Despite Microsoft is popular all over the world, it was not able to make a name for itself in the streaming world Its main competitor Apple has got it pitch perfect both in terms of streaming and downloading. The fact that Microsoft was balancing two music platforms at one time, the Xbox Music and Zune meant that they were not sure how to go about in the music streaming service.

It remains to be seen if Microsoft rebrands and comes out with a new music streaming service in a few years time. The announcement of shutting the shop on Zune seemed to be a long time coming. Microsoft had stopped making Zunes in 2011, but had continued to support them till this announcement.