Microsoft has through the New York event signaled that it wants its hardware to be performing well in the market and also wants to offer more choices for the hardware users so that they can buy what they want. Microsoft has increased its hardware collection and has now come out with new tablets, smart phones as well as a laptop to its product lineup to woo more customers to use their hardware.

The new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, said that Microsoft is taking its hardware products very seriously like its software and has put its devices in the center of the company’s sales strategy. This looks to be true as Microsoft had unveiled a slew of new computing devices during the press event held in New York recently.

Microsoft Wants Its Hardware To Penetrate Deeper Into The Market

The Windows 10 event was not just to show the software strength that Microsoft has, but to bring new devices into the market to work on the new windows 10 OS. Two high end smart phones, an updated Surface Pro 4 tablet and the first ever laptop from Microsoft was unveiled at the New York event.

Satya Nadella said that coming out with new hardware is very important for Microsoft to stay tuned with the rapid changes that is taking place in the consumer technology. The growth of the company will be more if there is equal importance given to hardware as well. There is no doubt that Microsoft is a software giant like none other in the industry. It now wants to become one of the best hardware sources for the consumers under the new leadership of Satya Nadella.

There is no doubt that Microsoft has not been having a good tier of it in the market when it comes to its hardware products. The Smartphone business has been a money losing effort from Microsoft and it has not been able to sell the new Smartphone designs that it got when it bought Nokia’s mobile phone operation.

Microsoft’s new surface book laptop comes with a starting price of $1,499 and has a 13.5 inch screen. Its closest rival is the popular Apple Inc’s MacBook Pro that is offered at $1,299 and a 13 inch screen. The surface Book will on sale from October 26th and this is an updated version of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet computer that is brought out in 2013.

With Microsoft is showcasing two high end Smart phones, 2nd generation Microsoft Band and also saying that it is bringing the HoloLens next year, there is no doubt that it is more serious about its hardware now than before.