A new layout that is grid like has been unveiled by Google recently. The grid like layout has been designed for search results to be displayed on Android devices and that also for apps specifically. Not everyone has noticed this change, but those who have are stating that the grid layout appears when one is searching with the “apps” tag or when searching for something related to music, fun or camera.

The right search is opening up results in Google as a grid of tiles that are colorful and pretty, of the 3×3 dimension. Each app is displayed in the tiles so that you can grab them easily for your device. The tiles are colored to match the logos and other characteristics of the apps. The tiles came up in sixes at the time the search is conducted. An arrow icon is also included to allow the grid to be expanded at the time of scrolling down.

Mobile Search Results For Apps Will Look Pretty Now, Thanks To Google

It is noted that, visual appeal being replaced by the simple lines of raw data is making a difference. Before the tiled display, all Google provided was a headliner link as well as additional information about the app or the search result to be displayed in smaller fonts below the main link. The grid now allows people to see the app’s logo and looks, check the rating and the number of people who have downloaded the app. For those who have an app already installed in their system, the installed tag comes under the title of the app.

The tile changes might be a start for app searches which might be extended to include other searches as well. The same results in iOS offer classic views as yet. Even for the laptops and desktops the views remain as before. That is to be expected as a view change or a layout change for apps on a desktop will not make sense as well.

These changes have come about as Google has been working on the way the mobile apps are highlighted in a mobile search and what kind of data should show up in these search results. What has been unveiled is a big change in the way the apps are shown in search results. This change is being considered as part of the Material Design concept that is being used by Google to use bright colors as backgrounds for the different app titles that make the results more visually appealing and eye catching to the viewers.