Shattering your phone’s display is one moment that all Smartphone users dread. A cover can help in protecting it from scratches and bumps on the back and the sides, but every user know that our phones are just like toasts i.e. they always fall on the front side down, which smashes the glass panel into tiny pieces.

Well, with Motorola, one can say No to such a situation. The recently broadcasted Moto X Force is the world’s first smash proof Smartphone. This device has taken three complete years for fruition. The display is truly unbreakable. The company is so confident that it’s warranting the display for 4 years of usual use, whether the device falls out of pocket or it drops on the pavement. This technique is really amazing that you’ll wonder why no-one else has ever come up with this until now!

Moto X Force - World's First Unbreakable Smartphone

Motorola’s Moto Shattershield is the secret technique behind this innovation. Most devices have dual layer for building the display, i.e. AMOLED or LCD panel & top layer of glass, but Moto X Force is featured with five. To start with, it has an Aluminum core at bottom that keeps the display in-check and holds the device together. Next, it has 5.4 inches AMOLED screen which offers a resolution of 560 x 1,440, then comes DUAL touch layer (if one fails then the other can support the device). After that, it holds a clear glass so that the user can easily see through the display or to AMOLED screen, and last, on the top is featured, which hardened plastic that protects the display against dents, bumps, scratches, etc.

The good news is, the plastic layer is replaceable, which means that if a user breaks it, then there’s no need to get it repaired. Although, it a tough process to change the damaged screen, but the company says that it will actively participate in assisting users to replace their cracked screens.

Currently, the screen features alone make Moto X Force an immediate buy, but this phone has also been turned into bona-fide flagship device, too. The phone has been featured by octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor & RAM of 3GB. Hence, this Smartphone offers plenty of features in order to compete with the other Smartphones. The device also offers a battery (3740 mAH) that gives great endurance. The Turbo Charging element has gained bigger speed boost as compared to Moto X Style. The device works with power mats, Qi chargers and also offers wireless charging.

The device offers storage of 32GB of as standard and the 64GB version is available through the company’s Moto Maker service. Both support microSD card slot to external storage up to 2 terabyte. It features a camera of 21 MP along with a front camera of 5 MP (support Flash on the front).

Expected price – £499 for 32GB version and £534 for 64GB!