President Barrack Obama has announced that Mount McKinley in Alaska will be renamed as Denali. He made this announcement just before embarking on a visit to Alaska State. This is the tallest mountain in North America and is a pride of the Alaska State. The President will be using the executive power vested in him to change its name and to restore its Alaskan native name.

President Obama is slated to spend three days in Alaska State where he will be promoting the action to fight the climate change aggressively. The name Denali has a lot of cultural significance to the mountain and the President is taking this step as part of the series of steps that he will be doing to address the concerns of the native tribes of Alaska State.

Mount McKinley To Be Renamed As Denali

President Barrack Obama in his 2008 election campaign has vouched to improve the relations between the Native American tribes and the federal government and this seems to be a step towards his poll promise. There is a long history about the grievances of the Native American tribes against the government.

The central Alaska Mountain is named Mount McKinley for about a century now. This move to change its name to its native Denali name by President Obama will surely be welcomed by the Native Alaskan tribes. Denali means ‘the great one’ or ‘the high one’. This news was announced by the secretary of interior Sally Jewell. President Obama will be announcing the renaming of Mount McKinley to Mount Denali in Anchorage. This is an Athabascan name that is used by Alaskan natives for generations.

The President of the Alaska Federation of Natives, Julie Kitka, is very happy to hear the news and said that all maps and the descriptions will have the traditional name of the Mount McKinley on it. It will also have a psychological and concrete effect in the minds of the Native Alaskans.

The White House has also said that President Obama will be extending government’s support for programs that will help native Alaskans to develop their natural resources. The President has been active with his Native American engagements since June last year and this visit will further help him in bridging the gap between the federal government and the Native American tribes of Alaska.

The officials elected from Alaska have been trying their best to get the Denali name made official since 1975. They were successful in getting the park around the mountain to be named as Denali. The Interior Department said that they are just reflecting the wish of Native Alaskans to have an authentic Alaskan name for their iconic mountain.