Darryl Dawkins, the NBA star of legendary status, passed away at the age of 58 as he suffered a heart attack. He was known by the nickname Chocolate Thunder. He had played around seventeen seasons of NBA, most of which were as Philadelphia 76ers as well as part of the New Jersey Nets. He has also had an international career, having played for several teams in Italy, namely Libertas Forli, Olimpia Philips Milano and Auxilium Torino.

There are many stories around Darryl’s achievements. One story revolves around how a celebrity wanted to meet the man who was capable of breaking the backboard due to the force with which he dunked the ball. That celebrity was none other than Stevie Wonder, who, though he was blind, had still heard stories of how Darryl played with exemplary force. Dawkins was floored by Stevie’s admiration and the nickname “Chocolate Thunder” was given by the singer in 2011, to a man he had never seen.

NBA Star Lost To The World At The Age Of 58

Darryl was a gentle giant though he was no so gentle with the backboards when he dunked the ball at the games. He had dunked with a force that shattered rims and broke glass as well and that is one of the several things that the sports community and his worldwide fans remember about him.

Dawkins passed away on Thursday night in Allentown in Pennsylvania. Even though the cause of his death was a heart attack, but an autopsy is scheduled nonetheless. Darryl had a warm personality and a huge smile that touched the hearts of many. He is remembered for his loving heart and kindness as his family, which consists of his wife along with three children and fans and friends from all over mourn his death.

He is remembered as Chocolate Thunder fondly by many in his community as well as the responsibility that he carried out as a father and as a husband. He was one of the first players to move to the NBA from high school. As a result, he had spent about fourteen seasons in different states like Detroit, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Utah, playing NBA games. His average was 12 points and rebounds were 6.1 in a career that spanned about 726 games in the regular season.

He is remembered for his enthusiasm, his generosity as well as his talent. The game was his passion and he played with joy and integrity, being an influence on future players and fans across the world who will fondly remember him.