The Mercedes Pavilion at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show will really be a buzzing one. One of the show stoppers of the show will be the Mercedes C63 DTM Coupe Edition 1. Mercedes is also hoping that the car gets a lot of attention in Frankfurt. Along with the Edition 1, Mercedes Benz will also be showcasing the DTM racing model in Frankfurt.

The C Class Coupe C63 Edition 1 comes with many upgrades to impress Mercedes fans. The car will be offered with the standard engine that generates 476 HP or the S engine that offers 510 HP power. The C63 will be coming out in matte grey color with yellow or black trims. The black wheels and the yellow painted rim will make the car look a class apart. The C63 coupe will be coming out in the DTM version next year.

New C63 DTM Racer Previewed By Mercedes

The Edition 1 models comprise of Mercedes AMG C63 coupe and Mercedes C63 S coupe. The C63 Edition 1 comes with an AMG Aerodynamics package that will enhance the look of the racing car and give you a complete and thrilling racing experience. The limited production of the Edition 1 models will be on sale at first. They will be coming out in special trim package offered for both the milder as well as the wilder versions.

The milder version of the Mercedes AMG C63 coupe will come with Aerodynamics and AMG Night package. The Aerodynamics package includes: trunk lip spoiler, stylish front spoiler, rear diffuser and side skirts. The AMG Night Package includes: dark tinted glass, gloss black trim, silver chrome grille, dual exhaust tips fitted with chrome plates, dark tinted glass and matte finish black wheels.

The wilder version will be offered only in the S model. Apart from the above mentioned features, the car will get yellow accents on a larger scale, 20 inch wheels and yellow stripes on hood, body sides, trunk lid and roof. The S coupe will be fitted with high performance tires and will be offered exclusively in matte grey color.

Those who have already booked the Mercedes AMG C63 coupe will have to wait for some more time to get behind the wheels of this car. It is estimated that the first deliveries of the car will be carried out in August next year. The price of the muscular and strong looking C63 coupe is expected to be in the low $70,000 and the Mercedes AMG S63 coupe will be priced in the low $80,000. With a host of features and safety measures, there is no doubt that there will be a lot of takers for this sports coupe in America.