Amanda KnoxAlthough Amanda Knox is back in the US after initially being charged with the murder of her roommate while in Italy several years ago, a top criminal court in Rome is deliberating once again on her fate, as well as the fate of her former boyfriend who was also accused of the crime.

For nearly eight years, Knox has been tangled in a legal mess over the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher, another American student and her roommate at the time. Depending on what the court decides, Knox could be extradited back to Italy although after spending years in an Italian prison, she has vowed never to return willingly.

In the first trial, Knox was given 28.5 years and her ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, 25 years. After going through a lengthy appeals process, Knox and her then boyfriend served four years. Knox returned to the US believing the horrific ordeal was behind her but the court refused to let the case drop so they filed new charges.

The verdict in the second case is expected to be handed down sometime today. Attorneys working on behalf of Knox’s ex-boyfriend urged the Italian court to overturn the couple’s murder conviction, citing massive errors in their earlier guilty verdicts.

As the new case is reviewed by the courts there are several different options. The court could come back with guilty verdicts, which could result in Knox being extradited back to Italy, the convictions could be overturned and a third appeals trial ordered, or the convictions could be overturned with no new trial.

As Knox waits in her Seattle, Washington home for answers, she is extremely nervous. She has stated all along that her and her boyfriend had anything to do with Kercher’s murder. In fact, at the time of the murder, there were other people of interest but none were pursued with earnest.

Throughout the first trial, Knox had many supporters, not only in the US but in Italy as well. Many people feel strongly that authorities did not conduct a good investigation and laid blame where it did not belong.

As far as Sollecito, he along with his girlfriend, father, and sister are also waiting to hear his fate. Unlike Knox, close friends say he is calm because he is 100 percent innocent.