The new mobile operating system iOS 9.1 that was released by Apple during the Apple event a couple of days back in San Francisco will have new Emojis. If you are a fan of the emoji and love to use it when you chat with your friends and family, then there are many new emojis that you can make use of to make chatting fun.

Apple iPhone users who are running on the Apple iOS 9.1 will be able to soon send burrito emoji and use unicorn or flipped middle finger in their chat communications. The update of the new Apple mobile operating system will be arriving in the autumn and once you get this update, you will also be able to access many new emojis on this OS.

New Emojis Heading To Apple iPhone

A batch of new and interesting emojis was approved by the Unicode Consortium in June 2015. But, many have not yet been implemented so far. The emoji ‘people of color’ is a newly approved design that will throw away the fact that only whites were represented in a human emoji.

The iOS9.1 is now made available in beta version and this will allow the users of the iPhone to make use of some of the latest emoji designs that have come out from the Unicode Consortium update. These are added to the previous list of emojis to boost the emoji availability.

The new emoji designs will please every person as it has images for sports fans, religion fanatics, flag crazy people and many more. Christianity was represented by a church emoji, now you will see a mosque and a synagogue emoji as new additions to the religion emojis.

The emoji options for the sports fans have been widened with cricket, field hockey, football, archery and badminton now included in the sports emoji category. There are even emoji additions made to travel, smiley and people categories. With these new emoji images, Apple now is in even terms with Android platform when it comes to emoji characters. The iOS 9 will be released by Apple on 16 September and this will not feature the new set of emoji additions.

The iOS9.1 will only be offering support to the new emojis brought out by the Unicode Consortium. They are now offered in the beta version of the Apple iOS 9.1. The full version of the Apple iOS 9.1 will be launched for the public later this year. The most anticipated emoji image was the middle finger emoji swearing image and it is now available on iOS9.1 beta version.