WDBJ television station paid a high price for live air time shooting that was being done for a morning news program earlier this week. As two journalists were shot during the live news capture, the town has been grieving the death of the two young journalists since then. The small town saw much of attention from round the country as the incident of the slayings was covered by the different news channels. By Friday, however, things were getting back to normal. The television station got back to usual work, covering a football game in a high school on Friday night, the first live program to be captured after the reporter and cameraman got shot while doing a live coverage on Wednesday morning.

The Roanoke community was small and tight knit where both the young journalists were well known. Hence, even in the high school game that was held between the Pulaski County and North Side High, the killings and the somberness of the deaths was on everybody’s mind. To show respect a moment of silence was observed before commencement of the game. Two policemen were appointed to accompany the journalists of WDBJ as they covered the game, the cameraman hugging the journalist in relief when the standup was over.

New Insight Into The Killing Of Journalists In Virginia, Killer Identified With 9/11 Attacks

On the other hand, Vester Flanagan, who was identified as the attacker, was found to have fired around seventeen rounds by which Ward and Parker, the journalists were killed as well as wounding the official of the chamber of commerce who was being interviewed. Flanagan had been a disgruntled former employee of the station. He was identified to have committed domestic violence as well as had been associated with the mass murders that took place during September 11, 2001. There were handguns as well as a wig that were found in the rental car which he crashed after he wounded himself. The entire plan was thought out and planned.

As investigations proceed, it was revealed that Alison and Ward had suffered gunshot wounds to the head and were approached at the time when the live interview program was being done. Details regarding Flanagan’s personality and behavioral traits have started to surface which date back to 2000. He had been with a number of television stations, everywhere he faced anger and behavioral issues along with dismal performance for which he came into conflict with the authorities and was asked to leave. There have been more insights revealed in Flanagan’s history which showed his troubled and rigid frame of mind.