Instagram is part of the Facebook Inc. This is a photo and video sharing social media site from Facebook that is used by more than 300 million users globally. Facebook has upgraded the Instagram site by adding new features that will allow the registered users to send and receive messages in private as well as group conversations. By this new feature addition, Instagram is looking to stay put with the competition that the popular messaging service Snapchat is giving.

This new move by Instagram is aimed at the younger audience who are an addict to messaging. Snapchat is the most popular messaging service among the younger brigade all over the world and it has now racked up 100 million users and is growing rapidly. Instagram does not want to allow it to grow at such a rapid pace and hence it has added certain messaging features to reduce Snapchat’s popularity among the young people and to make use of Instagram for all messaging needs.

With the new messaging feature, Instagram users will be able to share pictures with one friend in a private chat or with all friends in a group chat. Instagram is hoping that this feature will quickly click among the younger generation Instagram users. This will prompt them to spend more time on the Instagram mobile app or its website. The users in a private or a group conversation will be able to send back pictures or text responses.

New Messaging Features Added To Instagram To Woo Its Young Users

The younger generation loves to stay connected with their friends and families through messages and chats rather than viewing content online. 40% of the comments that are posted on Instagram have a mention of other accounts. There are many users who like to flag the content to their friends on Instagram and also start conversations about the content.

This move to offer new messaging feature by Instagram comes just a week after it had upgraded its service to offer new layout options and also allow signature squares for videos and pictures. Snapchat is very popular among the youth brigade the world over as the messages on its platform will disappear after a few seconds. All the popular social media sites are working out to offer better messaging features for its users.

Facebook, the owner of the Instagram video and photo sharing social media site, had come out with a new Messenger standalone app this year. There is no doubt that the Instagram users will make use of the new messenger service to send text messages as well as share photos in private and group conversations.