Samsung has announced that its new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge models will be available at retail stores in the United States on April 10. Samsung has completely rebooted the design for the new models and used high end products for their completion. The new models contain a number of new and upgraded features and are available in three model tiers. Major carriers will start taking preorders for the new models on Friday, March 27.

According to information obtained from T-Mobile, the 32 GB Samsung Galaxy S6 will retail for roughly $680, while the 32 GB Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will be about $100 more at $780. Models with 64 GB will retail for $760 and $860 respectively while the 128GB models will sell for $860 and $960. Major carriers are also offering their traditional payment plans for the smartphones for customers who are willing to sign a service contract with the companies. T-Mobile is offering the lowest tier Galaxy S6 models for $0 down and payments of roughly $30 per month for the length of the contract.

The S6 is likely to be a strong upgrade candidate for users who have previously had a Samsung Galaxy device. There are strong indications that the new devices will appeal to the Android crowd, but defectors from the iPhone will be unlikely. There’s nothing that stands out about the new Galaxy devices that would encourage an iPhone user to switch from one set of devices to the other. Samsung Securities analyst MS Hwang is predicting that Samsung will ship 25 million Galaxy S6 units in the first half of the fiscal year.

The launch of the Galaxy S6 models will be critical to Samsung’s overall financial performance for the year. The new Galaxy S6 models use Samsung screens and processors so higher sales of the devices will mean increased income for other Samsung divisions as well. Preinstalled apps and software from Google, Microsoft and Samsung are now placed in easily identified folders for easy access and have more installation options. Samsung has also increased the speed, upgraded the display, and added a camera that is among the best on any smartphone.