The leading search engine giant and the brain behind the Android OS, Google, has decided to hold a Nexus event in San Francisco on September 29. Google will be introducing two new Android smartphones during the event, one will be a Huawei model and the other is an LG phone. These two Google Nexus Smartphones will be launched at the Nexus event and Google is expecting more sales for these flagship devices, as they are offered with the latest Android versions.

The LG Smartphone will be a smaller version of the Nexus phone and the Huawei phone will be the larger Nexus phone. The Android OS is what powers the majority of the Smartphones sold all over the globe. These phones will be the first ones to run on the all new Android 6.0 which has been dubbed as Marshmallow. The Nexus phones have been gaining popularity with hardcore Android fans saying that they get the purest Android experience when using these phones. This is why hardcore fans are shifting towards using Google’s flagship phones.

All manufacturers who are associated with a Nexus phone have an added advantage over other Android phones and the get an extra buzz out of it. This is the first time that the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer will be bringing out an exclusive Nexus device from its stable. Huawei is looking to create high end Smartphones of the highest quality to impress high end consumers. Having partnered with Google Nexus, there is no doubt that Huawei will be able to put its foot down strongly on the US soil.

Nexus Event To Be Held By Google on Sept 29

This is the third time that Google has joined hands with popular electronics giant company LG to develop a Nexus phone. LG was the company that built the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 phones that came with a slick design and respectable components.

There are no details let out by Google or the Smartphone manufacturing companies as to how much the phones will be pricing the phone. But, everyone can expect them to offer the new age Nexus smartphones at a competitive price as every other handset vendor is coming out with high featured Smartphones at affordable prices. Huawei will be offering its phones at a cheaper rate, despite it going for a high end Nexus model. It will have to be competitive in its pricing if it hopes to gain big entry into the high end smartphones category in America with Apple iPhones and Samsung phones around.

All details about the LG ad the Huawei Nexus phones will be revealed at the Nexus event in San Francisco.