The recall fever that is gripping the cars sold in America looks to be staying here for a while. There have been many recalls that we have seen in the past two to three weeks from leading car manufacturers that there is every possibility for this trend to continue for a few more weeks.

The latest company to announce a recall is the Nissan Motors from Japan. They will be recalling as many as 281K and odd Versa vehicles that they have sold in the United States to rectify a suspension problem in the vehicles.

Nissan Motors have sent notice to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the American vehicle safety regulator that the car can suffer from front suspension problem.

Nissan Recalls 218,000 And Odd Versa Vehicles In The U.S.

They stated that the road salt might rust the coil springs at the front and this might in turn cause the springs to fracture. The fractures in the coil springs can lead to the puncturing of the tire and this can increase the chance of the vehicle to undergo a crash.

The 2007 to 2012 Versa sedans and hatchbacks from Nissan Motors will be recalled for suspected front coil spring issues. Nissan has fund out this problem in as many as 356 cars since the case was opened by the NHTSA for investigation in May this year. As many as 93 Nissan Versa owners have brought this issue to the notice of Nissan dealerships and the company.

In May, the company tried to convince the NHSTA agency that a sudden noise and a change in the ride would drive the car owners to bring the car to the dealerships for service. They also hinted that there was no safety risk involved in the coils springs issue. This did not work as per plan and the company was forced to carry out the recall in prominent salt belt states in the U.S.A.

The recall of all the Versa cars that Nissan had manufactured from 2007 to 2012 will commence from mid November. Nissan has said that it was not aware of any crash or injury or fatality or property damage to have occurred due to the front suspension coil springs rupture issue.

The company will also be recalling about 101,000 Versa sedans and hatchbacks that it has sold in Canada for the same issue. The recall in November is a perfect timing to get the Nissan Versa cars repaired to keep away from the winter of salt hitting on the cars.