The emission tests scandal of Volkswagen Group was brought to light by the Environmental Protection agency (EPA) last week. Following this, the EPA as well as the media has put its sights on other luxury car brands that sell their diesel cars in the U.S. There is an allegation from the Deutsche Umwelthilfe, that the diesel cars from Mercedes Benz also did manipulate emission tests. Daimler, the German luxury car maker, has vehemently denied such allegations. They have said that they did not do anything to reduce emissions during the emission testing of their diesel vehicles. They have not used any so -called defeat device to alter the emission results.

No Manipulations During Emission Tests, Says Daimler

Mercedes Benz has said that there is no manipulation done on their part in both their diesel as well as petrol engines that is found under the hood of the cars that are being sold in the U.S. Their engines do meet and adhere to every legal requirement needed in the United States.

This information was given by Daimler in response to a request in writing by a nonprofit organization in Germany called the Deutsche Umwelthilfe or DUH. The company claimed in the letter that none of the allegations that were claimed applied to the company and the technical programming of all its engines did stick to the legal requirements.

Daimler also said that it was in full support to the new testing methods that are going to come into place in Europe and in Germany. This will measure real time emissions in driving conditions. The Mercedes Benz parent company has said that it will work closely with authorities in the U.S., Europe and Germany to deliver the best possible engines.

Daimler said that it was thinking of moving legally against the approach taken by the DUH about the manipulation of emission testing by the company. The DUH had claimed that it had conducted tests on Mercedes Benz engines and have results showing that the engine under the hood of many of the Mercedes Benz and Daimler cars had overshot the allowed nitrogen oxide emissions.

Daimler has said that it is not aware of any data that shows the vehicles of Daimler emitting more than permitted legal limits of emission. The company is ready to have any of its vehicles undergo emission tests. All auto makers with diesel engines have now become soft targets following Volkswagen admitting that it had used a cheat software to reduce the emission test readings on its vehicles.