Those who are enthusiastic followers of the offerings of Barnes & Noble, they will probably notice that Nook hardware has been upgraded. For those who are tablet enthusiasts, they will know that Fire tablet has been downgraded recently by Amazon. The screen resolution has been reduced as well as the tablets made more affordable.

The same strategy is now being followed by Barnes & Noble. They have launched Nook in a new version with Samsung’s technology. It is priced at $250 and is being sold as the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Nook. The product was launched almost stealthily, without the usual noise that is created around any product launch. Its launch did not create much of a stir, probably because it did not advertise it with much of a splash. It definitely missed the mark compared to all the coverage that Amazon Fire range of tablets received.

Nook Hardware Refreshed By Barnes & Noble

The specs of the new version of Nook do not have much to offer. The screen resolution remains the same as HD tablets of the Fire range from Amazon. The screen is of 9.8”. The weight of the device is 19.3 ounces, a bit on the heavier side. For those who wish to stick to a lower budget device would do well to invest in Nook 7 of the Galaxy Tab 4 range. The older version comes with low pixels and with a lighter body. It is also priced hundred dollars less which is an appreciable difference.

The Nook that was launched along with Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is priced around 400 dollars. It has an eight inch screen and offers a resolution of 2048 x 1536. There is storage of 32 GB included in the device with a body weight of about nine ounces. The HDX line is being phased out by Amazon and hence Barnes & Noble might get the place when it comes to tablets that are marketed for reading and have a high resolution of the screen. Even though the price tag might be a tad too expensive, it can be compared to Nexus 9 of Google that comes with the same price range and a screen that is slightly bigger. Those who had written off Nook earlier might still find a lot in it as it has teamed up with Samsung to provide sturdy and innovative hardware. If Amazon decides to occupy the low end segment, Barnes might have a chance at occupying the higher end segment.