The United States administration has withdrawn their demand to allow U.S law enforcement agencies to access the encrypted messages of tech and network companies.

Mark Stroth, the White House spokesperson said that the administration is trying to make the companies understand the national security and public safety risks those results from the malicious acts that use the encrypted products and services from the tech companies. However, the administration is not interested in bringing legislation at present.

The administration has taken the decision to not to go for legislation that authorize the intelligence agencies to get encrypted data from devices and applications such as iPhones and WhatsApp due to security reasons.

Obama Administration Not To Push For Legislation To Access Encrypted Data

Tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook were against the decision of law enforcement agencies to make it legal.

Mark Stroth said that the country will work to make sure that the malicious actors are held responsible without weakening the Security Council’s commitment to encryption.

The decision not to push for legislation has created disappointment among the security agencies in the country including FBI. According to reports this decision has been taken as the U.S administration fear that the Russian and Chinese hackers may exploit the situation of backdoor access to the encrypted information.

Last month, Apple CEO informed President Obama that China is waiting for the U.S administration to take action about backdoor access to data, so that the Chinese authorities can also demand for such backdoor access to encrypted data of companies.

Companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, etc., has warned that the personal information of many Americans would be at risk if the government decides to force the companies to provide access to encryption keys and source code which were used to protect the privacy of the user.

Recently the hackers managed to steal the personal data about U.S taxpayers and Federal employees by breaching the federal computer systems of Personnel Management Office and Internal Revenue Service.

The FBI is worried about the fact that Apple is not having access to data encryption keys for the new operating system used in latest iPhones, however the users have access to it either using fingerprints or codes.

Though Whitehouse has taken the decision to not go for compulsory access after debates over a year, the security agencies an expecting cooperation from tech companies for their investigation purposes.

With the presidential elections on the cards next year, it is not clear whether the administration would take up the matter again or not.