There is no denial of the fact that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is one of the most popular gaming consoles in America. The PS4 has taken the world by storm and it is now gearing up for the holiday season sales.

There are many people looking forward to buy the PS4 this holiday season, especially after Sony cutting down its price by $50 to be on par in the pricing with its fierce competitor Microsoft’s Xbox One. Both the popular gaming consoles are now sold in the US for $349.

One of the most common problems that was affecting the PS4 users is that the console could not be controlled using a standard Sony remote control. There were many flaws that Sony had corrected when they came out with PS4 to replace the PS3. The one little inconvenience that the PS4 users faced that was not dealt with by Sony was that the device cannot be controlled using a remote control. The main reason was that the PS4 did not have an infrared sensor.

Official Remote Control For PlayStation 4 Launched

Sony looks to have found a solution to this impending problem as it has come out with a $29.99 fix in the form of a universal media remote control. This new remote control from Sony will allow you to take control of 4 different devices with your fingers. The PS4 users will now not have to make use of the default controller to check out the apps and streaming services. The controller is adept at controlling the games that it has been designed for, but when it comes to navigating through apps, users found it a difficult task to accomplish.

The new Universal Media Remote Control on offer from Sony will help you to easily switch on the PS4, control streaming apps like HBO GO, Netflix and Twitch, navigate through the user interface and also control all apps through Bluetooth connectivity. Apart from giving you a complete control of the PS4 with your fingers, the universal remote control from Sony is also giving you the option to control three different devices that include your TV, audio receiver and the cable box. This means that it stands by its name and is a powerful remote control.

The Sony’s Universal Remote Control is now available for sale for $29.99 at Gamestop. All the other retailers across the United States will be selling the Universal Remote Control for the same price very soon.