Palmyra is not only an ancient city in Syria, but it represents one of the ancient civilizations of the world. Today it is on the brink of being destroyed, a process that started as the Islamic state had started off violent conflicts four years ago. It is known that this Islamic state has been destroyed several of the historical artifacts that existed in this region.

There has been evidence of this kind of activity since the Mosul Museum was destroyed during its reign located in northern Iraq as well as the Nimrud city which contains ancient relics of Assyria. The trend continues as Palmyra was not spared by the militants who overran this ancient city’s relics. Today it seems that this treasure of ancient civilization is at risk of being lost at the hands of militants. The fears that many had were confirmed when explosives were used to blow up a part of Temple of Baalshamin which is a two thousand old site. It is also one of the sites of Palmyra. This was done after the chief of antiquities at Palmyra was executed.

This is some of the several conflicts that are being carried out by the Islamic state in the country and even before ISIS took a stronghold here. Even in 2013 there were fights between the forces that were loyal to the Syrian president and rebels during which several archeological sites in this region were harmed by artillery shells, mortars and rockets. Though many world authorities like UNESCO declared it to be a site that is being harmed by military activities, the damages to this site have continued. UNESCO declared the site to be one of the world heritages as it is considered as an oasis in the midst of the Syrian Desert. The monumental ruins that are present in this ancient city represent one of the important cultural centers that existed in the ancient world.

The damages that have been made to this site include holes made from bullets and shells that have formed on the walls of the temple as well as the wooden warehouses that existed. The temple has several traces of decay and military operations have continued destruction of this city as it has served as a military base for the Syrian government till in May it was converted into an Islamic state. UNESCO is worried about the state of affairs in Palmyra though the requests of UNESCO have fallen into deaf ears. The destructive affairs were started four years ago by Assad and continued by other rebel organizations in the country torn apart by political conflict.