Overkill has offered a first-person shooting game, Payday Crimewave Edition 2 this week. Releasing 12th of June this year in all parts of the world, the game availability is going to be on Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 platforms.

Payday Crimewave Edition 2 carries characters with their face painted as a funny joker, as seen in the trailer. The game follows the storyline of four characters who rob to become rich, which is further expanded into new heists, weapons and masks.

Well, the gameplay has ben designed in such a way that longer you wait, more troops from SWAT, FBI and military will surround you. The player needs to keep moving from one point to another with some extreme nerve action. A player cannot also afford to spend much of time while breaking the code and executing the heists, otherwise the mission will fail. You will also be tortured by another team member who requires your presence, and you are stuck in the middle of something.

The game has been well built featuring 1080p resolution and all the main technologies of the present. The player will find several bots around which will only focus on getting rid of the cops. However, you can disengage them for some other purposes. Going online can replace these bots with real people, which can enhance the gameplay.

Apart from that, successful heists always end in an enormous amount of cash that can be used to buy new perks, acquire skills, accessories, and powerful weapons. What makes this game stand out is the real action a player faces and the well-maintained coordination that has to be maintained.

The game offers experience levels as in other online games, as you level up difficulties increase, and the teammates will get raise in level.

The game offers experience levels as in other online games, as you level up pressure increases and the teammates will get an increase in their ability level. The higher level mate joining the team will provide low-level players a boost to complete the mission accurately. The environment is limited for interaction – like if a police officer is shooting your head then you have to do the drill again. Doors are not friendly –if you open them, they won’t get close on their own.

Payday 2: Crime views Edition brings the experience to work together that is genuine and for a first person shooter, it provides an amazing platform to experience a great unity.