Porsche had to face a lot of flak from all quarters when it came out with a 911 GT3 model as it did not even have a manual gearbox as an option. Porsche had said then that the car was a racetrack car and hence what mattered was the speed of the car and hence it did not fit the manual gearbox in the car.

It looks Porsche is backtracking on its earlier statement about the Porsche 911 GT3 and is now going to bring out a manual gearbox only GT3 car. This is great news for all people who wanted to see a performance car with only manual gear boxes from Porsche. The success of the Porsche Cayman GT4 with manual gearbox only might have prompted the car manufacturer to think of bringing the manual only version of the 911 GT3 track car.

Porsche To Bring Out Manual Only GT3 911

This 911 GTY3 would also be a limited production car and there are rumors that Porsche will be bringing out only 600 units of 911 GT3 manual gearbox system cars. The new manual GT3 911 car will be power driven by the same 3.8 liter engine that you find under the hood of the 911 GT3. This manual version of GT3 will be called 911 R.

This limited edition Porsche 911 R GT3 will be offering a maximum power output of 475 HP and the torque would be 324 pound-feet. The main thing to be noted here is that the 3.8 liter V6 engine will be coupled to a manual shaft stick. The car is a tribute from Porsche to the original 911 R. This new manual gear only car will be lightweight and will also come with less tire size than the GT3 911.

There are rumors doing rounds that the 911 R GT3 track ready car has already been sold out as the company is only making 600 units of it. There are many Porsche dealers who have not heard about such a car yet. The car has been offered to only a few Porsche preferred program clients, and hence not all dealers will be aware of this limited edition 911 R car.

This means that people who own the Porsche 918s or those who are ready to invest in one more luxury cars, like the VIP car buyers will be given first preference to buy the Porsche limited edition 911 R GT3 track car.
Image Credit : Porsche