It looks like Honda does not want any of the leaked images and rumors to spread on the internet of its pet project fuel cell vehicles. This is why it has soon revealed the production ready fuel cell sedan vehicle before any wrong information circulates online.

The car has not got a name so far and is tentatively known as the FCV car from Honda. The FCVV concept and the FCV concept are the two vehicles that have been revealed by the Japanese automaker. These two new concept cars will be making its uncamouflaged debut at the Tokyo Auto Show. There is no doubt that there will be a lot of eyes on the Honda pavilion at the auto show to know what Honda would be brought out.

Production Ready Fuel Cell Vehicle Details Let Out By Honda

The production ready FCV car has not changed much from the concept car that was showcased by Honda last January at the Detroit Auto Show. The car gets a traditional looking front grille and revamped front fenders. There is a chrome line that even shows up on the roof of the car. The hydrogen fuel based greenhouse car does not have an unusual looking front fascia and has a cross tour shape to it.

Honda has promised that the car would be offering 435 mile range and if it does so, then it will be a top seller for Honda in the market. The production version hydrogen fuel cell car comes in a two tone color scheme. The car would be going up against the Toyota Mirai car in the United States. Mirai is currently on offer in California State in the U.S.

There are not much details shared by Honda at this point about the FCV concept vehicles. There is no doubt that the car will be having a full hydrogen fuel cell powertrain under the hood of the FCV car. This means that the trunk room of the sedan will not be compromised. The sedan will be offered with five seats that are fully usable.

The 435 mile range that Honda is talking about could be offered only in Japan and when it comes to the United States, the range could come down by a 100 miles. Honda assures that the FCV car can also act as a power generator that is mobile and can be used to offer electricity to a power grid during emergencies. This is the first time that such a feature is offered in a sedan car.