According to a recently published report the Reverse Osmosis Membrane Market is forecasted to reach around $5200 million at a CAGR of 16% during 2016-2022. The segmentation of reverse osmosis membrane market is based on material type, filter module, application or end-user industry and by geography. The report on reverse osmosis membrane market forecast 2016-2022 (by material type, filter module, application or end-user industry and geography) provides detailed summary as well as predictive analysis of the market.

Detailed study on this Report :

Rising demand for water treatment in developing countries is one of the major factor pushing reverse osmosis membrane market towards the growth owing to stringent government rules and regulations in various developing region regarding the use of water. There has been a great focus on high investment by various end users industries due to increasing demand for thin film composites which is expected to fuel the reverse osmosis membrane market.Other major factor driving the reverse osmosis membrane market are increasing population, escalating demand of fresh water in all over the world etc. Reverse osmosis membrane process also helps in rising application base of RO membrane which act as a major opportunity for the global reverse osmosis membrane market. These are the major factors boosting the reverse osmosis membrane market. Some of the challenges that are faced by the reverse osmosis membrane market are short life span of RO membrane and wide usage of energy etc. This immensely affects the reverse osmosis membrane market globally. The major restraints of this market are wide usage of pre-water treatment among various industries that directly impact and hinders the growth rate of reverse osmosis membrane market.

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Scope of the report

1. GlobalReverse Osmosis Membrane Marketby Material Type2012 – 2022 ($ million)
1.1. Cellulose-Based Membranes
1.1.1. Cellulose Acetate (CA) Membranes
1.1.2. Nitrocellulose Membranes
1.1.3. Others
1.2. Thin Film Composite Membranes
1.2.1. Polyamide (PA) Composite Membranes
1.2.2. Graphene Oxide-Based (GO) Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) Composite Membranes
1.2.3. Others

2. Global Reverse Osmosis Membrane Market byFilter Module 2012 – 2022 ($ million)
2.1. Plate & Frame (PF)
2.1.1. Spiral Membranes
2.1.2. Pillow-Shaped Membranes
2.2. Tubular-Shaped Membranes
2.2.1. Capillary
2.3. Spiral-Wound Membranes
2.4. Hollow-Fiber Membranes

3. Global Reverse Osmosis Membrane Market by End-User or Application 2012 – 2022 ($ million)
3.1. Desalination Systems
3.1.1. Seawater
3.1.2. Brackish Water
3.2. RO Purification Systems
3.2.1. Residential & Commercial
3.2.2. Municipal
3.2.3. Industrial
3.2.4. Medical Devices & Diagnostics
3.2.5. Dialysis Equipment
3.2.6. Pacemaker

4. Global Reverse Osmosis Membrane Market Regional Outlook 2012-2022 ($million)
4.1. North America
4.2. Europe
4.3. Asia Pacific
4.4. Rest Of The World

5. Company Profiles
5.1. DOW Water & Process Solutions
5.2. GE Water & Process Technologies
5.3. Hydranautics (A Nitto Denko Group Company)
5.4. Inge
5.5. Koch Membrane Systems, Inc.
5.6. Lanxess AG
5.7. LG Chem
5.8. Membranium (RM Nanotech)
5.9. Nanoasis
5.10. Norit Membrane
5.11. Permionics Membranes
5.12. Pure Aqua
5.13. Toray Industries, Inc.
5.14. Toyobo Co., Ltd.
5.15. Trisep Corporation

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