Rhapsody, the pioneers in streaming-music service has launched a new service called Rhapsody KIDS which targets kids. The feature will be available through an Update of iOS and Android apps of Rhapsody.

There is no need for parental advice for the young ones to stream their favorite music. The rhapsody KIDS comes with three important sections of kids-friendly and parent approved songs such as recently played music, bookmark tab and a tab for curated music from the editorial team of Rhapsdoy. According to the company they will offer tracks from Disney, Kidz Bop etc along with other tracks.

Rhapsody Brings Out Streaming Music Service For Kids

Rhapsody Kids will be the first music streaming service that is directly offered to kids and to their parents. Rhapsody believes that through the kids, they will be able to make the parents also their loyal members.

The Chief Financial Officer of Rhapsody, Ethan Rudin, said that the company is trying to sell the customers a unique music experience that expands beyond the adults and the young adults.

The fourteen years old Seattle based company was one of the first companies to offer subscriptions for music for a monthly price. The companies which have appeared in the field more than a decade after Rhapsody is following the same model. Though Rhapsody got overshadowed by new companies like Apple and Spotify in streaming music service, the history of Rhapsody makes the company still have a stronger position in the market. The company already has longtime customers loyal to them and their children have grown up by hearing music offered by Rhapsody.

According to Rhapdosy, most of its subscribers have been using the service along with their children. The new product, Rhapsody KIDS is especially dedicated to young listeners and the app is designed completely with the young children in mind. The company has taken pains to collect the tunes, especially made for kids and they have taken into consideration the music listening habits of young ones and the concerns that parents have when they have to hand over the cell phone to their kids to use.

The app comes with many default-settings to attract the parents. The kid’s corner has a catalog of songs that are most appropriate for kids and this section is designed to prevent the kids from reaching the main catalog.

Streaming video services has been using the tactic of targeting kids and the parents for years, but this is the first time streaming- music service is using the tactic.