KimOver the past few seasons of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, viewers have watched Kim Richards struggle with alcoholism. As the child star of Witch Mountain and others shows, people stood behind her, rooting for full recovery. After a stretch in rehab, Kim returned to the show this year strong and healthy.

However, several episodes ago, Kim was obviously “off”, leading her to finally admit that she had taken a pain pill provided by her ex-husband to which she had a bad reaction. Costars on the show, to include her sister Kyle, did not believe Kim was staying sober, which was a huge focus in in this year’s season of the show.

Kim has continued to claim sobriety but that changed last night after she was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel following a drunken rampage. According to people who witnessed the scene, the bartender refused to serve Kim at which time she became angry and belligerent.

After refusing to leave the Polo Lounge where she had been consuming alcohol, Kim locked herself in the bathroom. Staff at the club called the police where she was found to be out of control and unruly. Some witnesses said that she was extremely loud and very angry, shouting “Don’t you know who I am?”

Apparently, Kim caused an enormous scene that resulted in her being dragged out of the restroom and arrested. From what reports show, she went as far as to kick an officer after arriving at the police station. Kim was issued a citation and left the station but with several charges.

The meltdown experienced by Kim, who is now 50-years-old, is just one in a string of incidents that now have family and friends worried for her safety and sobriety. Kim is also the sister to Kathy Hilton, married to a Hilton heir, and aunt to Paris Hilton.

Kim and her younger sister Kyle have struggled with their relationship for some time after Kim’s pit bull bit Kyle’s daughter causing serious damage. From there, things have continued to spiral downward. Now, the relationship is more strained than ever.

For months, Kyle, along with cast members of the RHOBH, close friends, and other family members have been saying that Kim needs help but she still insists everything is fine. With this latest event, people who know and love her hope she will finally get the long-term help needed to get her journey to sobriety back on track.

Reportedly, things for Kim have become so bad that producers of Bravo TV that airs RHOBH is giving her an ultimatum – go to rehab or risk being booted from the show.