Dawn is the new vehicle from the popular Rolls Royce stable and it is expected to be shown to the public during the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. But, Rolls Royce has now released teaser images of the Dawn to tease car buyers. Rolls Royce is really teasing the auto lovers as it has just released images showing the Dawn name printed in two locations on the car.

The Dawn from Rolls Royce is the convertible version of the Wraith model. The teaser shots of the Rolls Royce luxury sedan Dawn shows a man standing in a desert next to the open coach door. The picture looks to be taken during the Dawn time and this image actually suits the name of the car. The images reveal about how artistic the car can be and this luxury convertible is one to die for. The image of a dashboard mounted clock with the Dawn name imprinted on it grabs your attention immediately.

Rolls Royce Releases Dawn Images Before Frankfurt Show

The quality of craftsmanship and the design are clearly evident from the Dawn images. The handmade door sill gives you a glimpse of what the car would look like inside. There is no doubt that a huge amount of work and attention to detail must have been put into when making this fashionable and stylish convertible.

The interiors of the Dawn look more or less like the Wraith interiors. It will offer comfortable seating for four. There are no specifications released as of yet as to what would be seen under the hood of the Dawn luxury convertible. There is every chance for Rolls Royce to use the same engine that powers the Wraith car. If this is the case, then Dawn will be coming out with a 6.6 liter, V-12 engine that offers 624 PS of power and 800 NM of torque. The power for the convertible will be offered through the rear wheels with the help of a ZF eight speed transmission.

The Dawn will be the second convertible to be offered by Rolls Royce. The Rolls Royce Phantom drop head convertible was the first one to roll out of the company’s factory. It is expected that the Dawn convertible will not be carrying a heavy price tag like the Phantom convertible. The Wraith model itself is sold below the $300,000 mark. The Dawn convertible is expected to be in the mid to high $300,000 price range.

The Dawn is smaller in size than the Phantom convertible and will offer you a more engaging and interesting drive experience than what you get on the Phantom Drophead.