There are images of Owen Labrie everywhere as he listens to the Merrimack County Superior Court testimony being meted out on Tuesday, 25th August 2015 in Concord. The charge that Labrie faces exposes a shocking incident in school, a transition that is followed on campus called Senior Salute which is a sexual victory over freshmen. He currently charges for sexual assault or rape of a fellow student who is fifteen years of age. The trial exposes a shocking campus tradition that has been ongoing at a prestigious prep school based in New Hampshire.

Own Labrie is nineteen years of age and hails from Tunbridge, Vermont. He has several charges for felonies committed. The rape of a fifteen year old girl was done by him when he was eighteen years of age and two days away from graduation. The act was committed as part of the tradition where seniors score with underclassmen. The defense in this case says that the sexual contact was consensual. No matter what the outcome of the trial would be, Concord’s St. Paul’s school has definitely been defamed by this incident.

School Graduate At Prep School To Be Tried On Rape Accusation

The accuser testified that she had denied him twice and even then he had become aggressive with her. The other students who testified stated that Labrie had been competing with his friends as to see how many they could score before they graduated. The acts of sexual encounters varied from kisses to intercourses.

Julie Curtin, a Concord police detective who interviewed Labrie stated that he had told her that he stopped short of having sex with her. The defense lawyer in turn suggested that the detectives had caught him off guard by speaking to him when his parents were not present with him. No matter how the trial goes, it sure casts a critical light on the celebrated school that has several congressmen, senators, Pulitzer Prize winners and ambassadors on its alumni roster.

As Labrie is expected to testify today, the controversy continues as to whether he did or did not have sex with the girl. Evidence that was presented in court did show that he had sex with the girl which led to considerable scrutiny of the sexual culture at the school premises. The culture of Senior Salute on campus led to the alleged rape case that is being tried in court. Labrie faces nine charges, though he maintains that he did not go all the way with the girl due to divine intervention. However, his DNA was found as well as semen in the girl’s underwear, which has weakened his defense. Many of Labrie’s friends have also testified that he had told them that he had sex with the girl though there was no way to be certain as many often exaggerated these incidents to their peers.