The Stop & Drop Diet program offers several tricks for those who are looking to lose weight. For those struggling with weight loss issues, here are seventeen tricks that can help one drop up to five pounds in a matter of five days. The tricks are how to cut calories in common foods and meals that we take up.

Seventeen Weight Loss Methods That Are Proven To Work

The morning cereal that we consume is calorie laden and one needs to pay attention to the size of the flakes. The larger the flakes, the less consumption while smaller flakes lead to more consumption of cereals that required. The next tip is to stop the use of big plates. It has been seen that people who eat from big plates will consume about 92% of what is placed on them. Eating from a smaller plate will ensure less calorie consumption. Fast food calories need to be researched before eating. It has been seen that those who consume fast food often underestimate the amount of calories consumed by 400 calories, a common mistake made at the time of eating out at fast food joints.

When exercising, walking with a friend helps one to burn more calories, lower the blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol and body fat as one tends to walk more effectively when engaged in conversation with another. If you are looking to diet, stay away from the bagel that promises a whole load of calories. The labels of food need to be read as trans-fat is an ingredient found in most packaged food items. With every two percent of calories that are consumed in the form of Trans fat, the likelihood of heart diseases goes up by about 23%.

When it comes to sour cream, it is better to swap it for Greek yoghurt of the plain variety as it is laden with fewer calories as compared to sour cream. You could opt for the frozen meal diet plan as the portions are controlled in these meals. All one needs to ensure is that the sodium content is not high and there should be at least five grams of fiber included in these meals. There are other suggestions that come in handy like putting the cereal to be consumed in a small coffee cup to control the portions as well as asking for less butter and oil in the dishes before one eats out, consuming a broth based soup before every meal, making light salad dressings and so forth.