AndrewThe woman who has publicly accused Britain’s Prince Andrew of having sex with her while still a teenager is standing up to her claims and states that she will still participate in a lawsuit filed against Jeffrey Epstein in spite of a new ruling that barred her from being formally included in the case.

According to attorneys of Virginia Roberts, she will not budge on the allegations made against Epstein and Andrew. Although she has been banned from participating in the case she said she is more than happy to keep the story in the spotlight.

Last week, an order came down from US District Judge Kenneth Marra barring Roberts, along with other accusers known only as Jane Doe 3 and Jane Doe 4 from being added to the civil lawsuit as “additional parties”. Initially, the lawsuit was filed against Epstein by Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2. Those women agreed to a deal with prosecutors back in 2009.

While it appeared Epstein was victorious, Roberts’ attorneys stated that their client will still have a significant impact on the case against Epstein. Reportedly, Epstein made arrangements for underage women to have sex with high powered men around the world, one being Prince Andrew.

Paul Cassell and Brad Edwards, attorneys for Epstein said they were pleased that Jane Doe 3 and Jane Doe 4 have no right to join the case. In addition, the attorneys claim that Roberts’ allegations are outlandish. Jointly, attorney Alan Dershowltz, Prince Andrew, and Jeffrey Epstein have firmly denied all charges.

The attorneys also stated that as part of the Court’s ruling, certain facts would not be considered, at least not now. However, the possibility for consideration at a later date is being left open by the Court. Attorneys for Andrew and Epstein added that the ruling of the Court is respected.

Now, things might be turning in Roberts’ favor. Andrew and Epstein have worked hard to keep details of the plea deal sealed but this past Wednesday the US District Court of Florida ruled that Epstein has not demonstrated good cause by holding onto official documentation. As a result, key information involving the case could be made public.

Even so, the Court ruled that no actions can be taken until after April 27, which provides Epstein time to respond to the decision made this week. If he appeals prior to that data, details of the plea deal will remain confidential until ruling from the appeal’s court. On the other hand, if the appeals process is not followed, he could face having intimate information exposed to the public.

While not confirmed, one explosive aspect of the plea deal might mention former President Bill Clinton, who is a huge associate of Epstein’s. Labeled as sex slave, Roberts has denied ever having sex with Clinton but swears she was forced to sleep with Prince Andrew.