The University of Oklahoma severed all affiliations and ties with the local chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, said the university president on Monday. The school is also exploring the possibilities of expulsions following the release of a video that allegedly shows members of that chapter singing a chant that is racist.

The video surfaced during this past weekend and was posted by Unheard on Twitter. The group calls itself an alliance of black students that are organized to create change within the campus atmosphere and administration.

The video depicts young men chanting on a bus chanting, “There will never be a n—-r at SAE.”

The Unheard tweet was directed at David Boren the OU president and said, “Racism is very alive at the University of Oklahoma.”

The president said during a news conference that he became sickened by watching the video and could not sleep after seeing it. Boren in a statement written early in the day said that all of the schools’ ties and or affiliations with the chapter were severed.

In the same statement, Boren said that to those who misused free speech he had one message; you are disgraceful, have violated all the school stands for and you should not have the privilege of being a Sooner.

Boren said the real Sooners are not racists or bigots and believe in equal opportunity for all. Real Sooners he added treat everyone with respect, love and take care of one another like family.

The university president those living at SAE would have until midnight Tuesday remove all of their possessions and leave the house. Boren during the press conference also said that he would not help the residents displaced find any new housing. He added that it was not the school’s responsibility as it does not provided services to bigots.

In fact, Boren said, he would be very happy if the bus full of students in the video just left school and never returned.

The national SAE organization released a statement saying it had closed its Oklahoma chapter at the university and suspended all fraternity members. Those involved in the incident had their memberships revoked permanently.