The new SUV range launched by Skoda features several innovations and these will be introduced in the 2017 Skoda Octavia as well. For those who are fans of this model and are looking forward to booking the upcoming model, they will surely be delighted with this news. The chief designer of the line stated that this model was the heart of the range of Skoda vehicles and hence substantial facelifts are planned for the vehicle model to be released in 2017.

There is a further model being planned, a plug in, hybrid model which will come by later. In the upcoming model, there will be twin headlights introduced. The four lamp feature that has been included in the new line up of SUVs of this brand is an indication of this change being brought about in the Skoda Octavia model. The outer lights are square and small which will include underline of running lights for daytime and separate inner lights that will be included in a grille like fashion. Even the rear lights would have a mild updating, leaving the rest of the exterior model look unchanged.

Skoda Octavia 2017 Will Feature Major Updates

The interiors will also see some changes, but the main change would be on the technology aspect. Connectivity options would be heightened in this model. The vRS performance trim version would be available in the Octavia range.

These changes can be compared to the 2014 version, especially the NE Skoda Octavia RS 162TSI. This model comes in the hatch as well as the wagon model. The cars promise a balance of power, grip, economy and pace as well as features. There is a sport mode too, that many love. The RS models are able to cover an average speed of 100 km on 6.6 l performance when driven on highways while the same mileage needs ten liters when it is driven around town. The 2.0 Lt Turbo engine makes it great for accelerating and the bursts of speed at the second and third gear promises great performance and control. The steering and control aspects are wonderful as well as the maneuvering aspects. However, the road noise does become considerably inside the cabin, especially at high speeds. However, in general, customers have a few points to gripe over this conventional model and they can surely look forward to the revolutionary technology changes to be seen in the 2017 models and further a few more years down the line.