There was a major problem with Microsoft owned Skype service last night as the users were not able to make internet calls across the globe using Skype. This major hang up was for 11 hours last night. Skype is one of the best known internet voice services and a network error caused the internet calling service go dead.

Many users were not able to make or receive calls on Skype. Skype acknowledge the network issue and posted a message about the network issue on Heartbeat site. This is the site that alerts all Skype users to issues like this. The message reads that Skype had detected an issue that is affecting the working of the Skype app in a number of ways.

Skype Calling Feature Was Out Of Service Yesterday Night

Skype said that some of their users were not able to make calls as the settings showed that the users as well as their contacts were offline, even if they had logged on to Skype app. The Microsoft owned Skype, internet video messaging and calling app, has claimed that it has fully restored the calling service after the technical glitch and it is working perfectly now. It took Skype about 11 hours to rectify the problem.

Skype registered voice calls equal to 40% of the international telephone call volume last year. The network issue that Skype faced prevented some of the users from logging in and using the Skype. Most of the Skype users had to face the outage problems. But, the Skype for Business users did not face any such problems.

Millions of Skype users immediately took to the Twitter network to voice their concerns and their agitation for not getting connected to Skype. The #Skypedown hash tag was active during the Skype outage.

Skype is a very popular app that registered about more than 4.9 million daily active users in 2014. Skype was bought by Microsoft, the software giant, for $8.5 billion in 2011. Skype is facing increasing competition from other apps now. Facebook WhatsApp, Tango, Viber and Google Hangouts are other apps that offer voice calling feature over the internet.

There are reports that many of the Skype users switched their app from Skype to other app in order to make voice calls over the internet. Still, Skype remains as the most popular app services that offer people the option to make video calls, phone calls as well as texting options. The current glitch will not severely affect the popularity of Skype.