Skype, the most popular messaging and video calling platform online, has introduced its own emojis to be used across platforms. The new feature from Skype is called Moji.

According to Skype, Mojis are short clips from the favorite movies and TV shows which can be used in the chat service offered by Skype. This is similar to the GIF feature in communications platform.

This feature can be used devices using Windows, Mac, iOS and android operating system.

Skype Introduces Its Own Movie Based Emojis

The Moji collection of Skype has been created in collaboration with popular movie studios like BBC, Universal Studios and Disney Muppets.

The first set of Mojis released will have the clips from movies such as Jurassic park, Despicable Me, Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids and The Muppets etc.

If you want to send an Emoji as a message to your friend, you need to go to the emoticon picker by taping on the J button. You can select the Moji from sections like movies, expressions, TV shows by browsing and can preview the Moji before you share it with the friends.

You can easily find out where the Moji, you have selected has come from as each Moji is linked back to its source.

When a Moji is sent to another Skype user, the link to the movie or episode it is taken from will be shown next to it along with its copyright information.

Skype plans to add more quality clips to its messaging service in the future. The users can purchase or rent the GIFs from windows store.

You can use the Mojis in your chat when you feel that the words are not enough to express your feelings. You can find some of the craziest and funniest clips hand-picked from some of the best movies and shows from the collection provided by Skype.

Make sure that you have the latest Skype app to get the Mojis as they roll out.

Windows Phone 8 OS will not be in the list of platforms that support Skype Moji. It is expected that windows will add the feature on windows 10 mobile OS, which will get released in October this year. According to a representative from Microsoft, windows phone is still an important investment for the company and Microsoft is planning to release Moji to this platform as well in the near future.

Skype will be able to provide a better personal experience by making the Mojis customizable by the users.