The online video platforms are really enjoying the greater space on the internet as more and more people are making use of these services to watch and to share videos. Facebook and YouTube boast of having the most number of video views per day. Facebook and YouTube boast of 4 billion video views every day. This is a whopping number. Now, the lesser known, but a popular video platform on the internet, Snapchat, has announced that it has also achieved 4 billion video views every day and is happy to be one of the favorites among the video platforms.

Snapchat, in fact, has crossed the 4 billion video views barriers with a thumping velocity. The spokeswoman of the Snapchat Company has confirmed this figure. There were muffled rumors that the snaps curated around the major events and the locations as well as the Snapchat’s live stories section was garnering about 4 billion views a day. Now, with the official confirmation, there is no doubt that Snapchat is becoming a serious threat to the popularity of Facebook and YouTube and other video platforms on the internet.

Snapchat Brags Of 4 Billion Video Views Daily

The most overwhelming factor here is the speed at which Snapchat has been able to achieve this monstrous figure. It was only last May that the CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, announced that the company has achieved 2 billion video views a day. In July, the company claimed to have touched 3 billion video views per day.

Facebook had announced that it had reached 4 billion video views in April and this was also the latest figure that was announced by the leading online video streaming service YouTube. The videos that are offered in Facebook feeds are auto played and if a video runs for just three seconds, then it is counted to be a video view. YouTube has changed its measurement metric to total watch count as opposed to daily video views to get a proper hang of how many people are watching their content in 2012.

The Snapchat has declined to give information on what are the criteria that they follow to conclude a video view and there are reports that a second viewing of content on the Snapchat is considered to be one video view. The Snapchat videos are viewed in longer sequences called Stories that come in short bursts of 10 seconds each. The majority of Snapchat video viewers fall in the age group of 13 to 24.