SONOS is known for delivering quality speaker products. If you are looking to enjoy quality music in your home that sounds great, then you need to install SONOS speakers in your home. They offer you the best wireless speaker that give you complete freedom from messy wires and wire tangles and also does not spoil the décor of the room in which it is placed. Some of the speakers from SONOS have undergone certain changes to enhance your listening pleasure.

A new software has been announced by the company called TruePlay. This is a new speaker tuning software that is set to debut on the new SONOS Play: 5 smart speakers that are slated for release later this year.

Sonos Speakers Arrives With Improved Playback And Room Placement Software

You would not have built your home or you would not have bought your home with acoustical properties in mind. The Trueplay speaker tuning software will help in tweaking the SONOs speakers in your home to make them sound perfect, no matter where they are placed. The tweaking of the speakers can be done just by the press of a button.

The SONOS app, the iPad or iPhone microphone and the special tone that comes out of the SONOS speaker are combined by Trueplay. The app will start to analyze how the sound that comes from the speaker will reflect from the walls, furniture, skirting and so on in the room. Once the analysis is done, the app will start to tune the speaker in such a way that the audio sound that you hear will be of the best quality.

If by any chance you move the SONOS speaker to any other room, you just need to run the Trueplay software once again to enjoy the best sounds from the speaker. The Play: 1, Play: 3 and Play: 5 speakers as well as the iOS controllers will be coming with the Trueplay feature. The other SONOS products will also be getting the Trueplay feature in due course of time.

The SONOS sound experience leader, Giles Martin, said that the company is dedicated to offer the best home music listening experience for its customers and this is why the system takes into account the acoustically unfriendly rooms in the home.

The Play: 5 will be coming out in a custom matte white and matte black finishes late this year. The product will be offered at an MSRP of $499. There is no doubt that there will be a lot of takers for the Play: 5 speakers during the holiday season.