The Microsoft Band 2 is set to debut on October 6th and several sources have already leaked images of the upcoming models on the internet. The fitness tracker from Microsoft, now to be launched in the second generation, seems to be ready to take on other competitor products in the market.

For those who have despaired seeing the first generation models will be heartened to check out the sleek and curved display of the upcoming models of the second generation. The company has scheduled a promotional launch event for the media on October 6th. At this media event one can expect several launches from Microsoft including Lumia 950 series and Surface Pro 4 along with Band 2 whose images have been shared online.

Sources Leak Information About Microsoft Band 2

If the images look at one will realize that the original design is being adhered to by the company, but there is a certain difference in the design. The display of the new bands would be curved and easy to wear around the wrist of the wearer which is a plus feature of the second generation models. As the new models fit snug around the wrist of the wearer, the aesthetic looks improve this time round.

There are other changes that have improved the overall appearance of the band. There is a metallic finish which is evident on the display panel and that adds a premium look to the band. Buttons are added on the side to allow the users to navigate through the different functions more easily. The battery also lies below the device instead of on the side as it was in the first generation models. Besides these features that are apparent from the images leaked, the rest of the technical details and specifications are awaited from the official launch.

As per the earlier model, the Band 2 will probably feature an additional fitness measuring feature besides the usual functions like pedometer, heart rate measurement and others. It is anticipated that elevation tracker would be included in the second generation model. The latest Health app launched by Microsoft will be for the device. The app will allow the device to sync with mobile devices based on the IOS, Android or Windows Phone devices. The company will make the second generation model easily available in more outlets across countries in Europe as the first version was available mainly in the US, probably as the company wanted to test the waters first.