The Fiat brand is not enjoying a good sales return at the moment in America. It is mainly due to lower gasoline prices and the shift in the interest of the consumers towards compact and small cars. But, here is a bright spot in all the darkness that Fiat is having in America. This bright spot is a Fiat dealership in Southern California that is doing fine, despite poor sales of Fiat cars in other American states.

There are as many as 213 stores that Fiat brands have in America. A total of 3,388 vehicles was sold by Fiat brand in America in August this year. This number is just 26 more than what it had achieved last year in the same month. This sales figure is despite the addition of a brand new all wheel drive 500X crossover in May in the American market.

Southern California Dealership Lifts Fiat Sales Volume

A gain of just 0.8 percent in August was the first positive sales that the Fiat brand has been able to achieve in America since January. But, the increase in the sales percentage is marginal and there is nothing big to write about it. The main reason why the Fiat brand was able to achieve an increase in the sale percentage is because of the Orange coast Fiat store in Costa Mesa in California.

This dealership did set a new Fiat brand record of 170 sales in the month of August. The main thing to be noted is that the best performing Fiat dealerships in the four states Great Lakes business center were able to just sell 16 new Fiat cars in the month of August.

Fiat’s head in North America, Jason Stoicevich, says that some of the Fiat brand’s dealerships are driving in a lot of sales and this is a positive sign for the company. The addition of the 500X crossover and the Southern California location did the trick for the Orange Coast Fiat store.

Even though the gasoline prices have come down and people are now looking to think beyond compact cars, a good car with impressive features and styling and gas mileage will always be sought out by car buyers. Orange Coast Fiat dealership cashed in on the style and cool looks of the new Fiat 500X crossover and promoted it to its customers.

The new 500X crossover accounted for 35 percent of the sales that Orange Coast Fiat was able to get in the month of August.