Is your teenager is spending more time on his or her mobile phone? Do you find that your teen son or daughter playing computer games for longer hours than normal? If you are a parent of a teenager and find your teen spending an extra hour or more on screen time, then it is time you stopped them from over exposure to screens.

According to a research by British scientists, teenagers who spend an extra hour playing computer games or watching TV or surfing the internet are at risk of performing two grades poorer in their exams when compared to their peers who do not spend more screen time.

This is the latest study done on over 800 teenagers in the age group of 14 to 15 years by Cambridge University researchers. The study also revealed that physical activity did not have any effect on the performance of teenagers in academics.

Spending Extra Time On Screens Brings Down Teenagers Exam Grades

The research carried out on the 800 odd teenagers was a prospective study. So, the researchers followed the teens over time to find out how their behaviors affected their exam performance. The researchers said that they had enough evidence to show that teens who are victims of more screen time showed lower academic achievements.

The study done by the British researchers of the Cambridge University published their findings in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. It clearly stated that on an average a teen spends at least four hours on screens, be it to their mobile phones or tablets or computers.

An extra hour in front of the TV or surfing on the internet put the 10th Grade students score from a B to a D. A 14 and a half year old teen got 9.3 fewer exam points. The research results also showed that students who did an extra hour of reading and studies fared better in their exams. They got an average of 23 points more than their peers.

One of the most important results that come out of this research was that watching TV was the main reason for the poor showing of teens in their exams. This is not a surprising revelation, but shows that a student spending less time on the internet and more time for studies can score good grades in his or her exams. The scientist also said that they needed further research in order to confirm this effect decisively.

The researchers have advised parents worried about their teen’s grades to limit the screen time of their wards. This is one way of easily improving grades of teenagers.